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Fundraising, Business Opportunities, & Classes

I recently did some research on fundraising and the facts are budgets are tight and groups need money to enhance their surroundings and activities. Most companies don't allow their sellers to really profit as much as they should. I am here to offer better fundraising and business opportunities, in addition to a learning experience for all involved along with some fun, laughter, and group participation. This also doesn't have to be just for fundraising it could be for a retreat, celebration, or to just reward a group of people you appreciate.

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Soap making Class

This would be a hosted  at the facility of your choice. There would be a registration form and a fee of $45/guest of which the fundraising group would receive $20/guest. I would provide all the material needed and everyone would create there own soap to take home. In addition there would be items for sale by me and the fundraising group would also receive a profit for each of the items sold.

Essential Oils Class

Hosted at facility of your choice. Registration form and fee of $45/guest of which the fundraising group would receive $20/guest  in addition to the percentage profit of items I sell. Each quest would learn about essential oils, have a facial, and create an essential oil to take home. Again all materials needed would be supplied.

Parent/Child Class

This would be designed for children and parent. Children would be $10/child only of which $5/child would go to the fundraising group, Parent/Child together would be $25/per parent/child which the fundraising group would receive $10/per parent/child plus the additional  percentage of the profit of items I would sell. The children would create their own sent with child inspired fragrances, the would NOT handle the hot liquids. 

Standard Fundraising

I would provide the number of order forms needed, we would have pre-selected items that were to be sold. The group would sell items as the normally would other items. The group would then receive a percentage of the profits. In addition I would make this very easy for the individual that sold. When filling the orders, the sellers name would go on the outside of the box, the buyers items would be in boxes or bags inside with their specific items and name on it. That eliminates time sorting and trying to figure out what goes where.

Essential Oil Touch Technique

This class would also have a registration form, the cost would be $10/per guest and the group would receive $5/guest in addition to the percentage for items I have sold. It would be a demonstration of applying essential oils. This would require individuals to group in pairs. It would include feet/hands/head techniques.

The Combination Class 

This would be a combination of the soap making class, essential oils class, and the essential oils touch technique classes. It would be $100/per guest of which the group would receive $50/per guest in addition to the percentage of items sold.