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As a woman and mother of two boys, luxury has taken on a new meaning. A simple warm bath, a nice moisturizing body oil, a beauty mask, or a beautiful fragrance goes a long way. I have always been a girl that enjoys a beautiful fragrance, and the girly things in life.  Now I want to offer those luxuries to others at an affordable cost with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and all natural products.

The core belief of my business is that everyone should take time out to enjoy the simple things, whether it be splashing in puddles with your children, holding the hand of someone you love, or pampering yourself with quality products. Everyone needs time alone to relax and unwind after a long day, you deserve it, you need time to connect with yourself.

Creator and Founder,

Connessa Morris-Sager

Our Services and Products 

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Handmade Soaps

I offer a select variety of handmade soaps, with Goat's Milk or Shea Butter. Colors, scents, and sizing may vary. In addition I offer  customized and signature fragrances for my bulk order customers and private clientele. 

 Handmade Body Oils

I offer a select variety of body and facial oils, they are made with 100% theraputic grade essential oils. They also come with a variety of fragrance, and contain different oils for specific skin needs. I also offer signature fragrances for my bulk order and private clientele.

Face Masks & Treaatements

Face masks are created with 100% organic and therapeutic grade materials. The face masks are created for a variety of different skincare needs. We offer sea clay and french green clay masks, which can be mixed with different natural products to meet your needs.  

Bath Soaks, Tarts & Bombs

Bath soaks, tarts, and bath bombs ranging from herbal, to salts are offered in a variety of fragrances also.  There is something for every need, whether it be sinus congestion, sore achy muscles, relaxation, or just for pretty water color.

Handmade Wax Tarts

We create our own 100% soy wax tarts in a variety of different fragrances. The melt nicely and make your home very fragrant.


Gift Baskets & Floral Creations

You decide what you would like in your gift basket, there are a variety of sizes and pricing options available. Floral creations are available in silk and dried products, give me a color, or occasion an a masterpiece will be created uniquely for you. 


Be different! Think outside the box! Everyone sells popcorn, candy, magazines, etc, so why not sell soap? Whether it is a school function, a church function, or a group function, we can meet your needs.  We can customize for any event, or holiday. You can choose a custom fragrance in person and test the product before deciding. You specify the quantity and we deliver.

Group Events

We are offering a the opportunity to explore essential oils and natural products by reservation. We can do large groups, private parties, bridal showers, or what ever your need is. It would start with some light snacks, and cucumber and/or lemon water. Some samples of our products would be available to try, and also every guest would receive a free facial followed by a warm towel. We would do some discussion about our products and help you decide what areas you would like to focus on.

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